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Born in Paget, Bermuda. He grew up loving the water and by 7 years old he was helping to run his grandfather's 28' cabin cruiser fishing boat. His grandfather would tie a rope around Jerry and throw him overboard to teach him to swim, however, Jerry is still not certain whether it really was to teach him to swim or to use him as extra bait!

Jerry was 16 years old when he first met Captain Mike. Mike took him out sailing, and that was when the sailing bug hit Jerry big time. Jerry has done several ocean crossings on various sail boats, both to the East Coast of the States and to the Caribbean.

In 1994 Captain Jerry gained his marine pilot's licence to captain charter yachts in Bermuda, and in 1995 Jerry became a partner in Captain Mike's sailing charter business. Today they are still in the sailing charter business, Captain Mike runs mostly out of Hamilton and Dockyard, and Captain Jerry runs mostly out of St. George's and St. David's. Captain Jerry is known for his vast historical knowledge of Bermuda, especially his favourite part - the east end which is made up of St. George's Parish, which includes both the Island of St George and the Island of St David.

He has been a favourite tour guide of the cruise ships for over 15 years in St. George's, with many repeat customers. Captain Jerry is known for his vast historical knowledge of Bermuda which he loves to share with his guests. He has maintained a 5 star rating, even winning best tour guide one year.

He lives on board his yacht the 41 foot "Ocean Spirit" with his wife Alison, and they very much look forward to welcoming you on board.



Mike has owned and operated his charter business for over 27 years in Bermuda. He has logged over 35,000 miles on the open ocean and has many sea stories to share with those who ask. Captain Mike has lived in Bermuda since the age of 8, and has had a lifelong love affair with the Sea. He and his wife Penny co-authored the guidebook "Yachtsman's Guide To Bermuda".



Mellissa's first home was aboard the 41 foot "Ocean Spirit" where she began her sailing adventure. She grew up helping her Dad, Captain Mike, on the charter boats. At the age of 18 Melissa obtained her marine pilot's license to captain charter yachts in Bermuda. She is currently the only female charter sail boat captain in Bermuda. Melissa loves to snorkel the reefs and shipwrecks surrounding Bermuda's waters and enjoys sharing her knowledge.